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When looking for local AC repair companies, you may come across contractors you aren’t sure you can trust, amateurs making dubious claims, and technicians who are too far away. However, if you live in Lancaster, TX or the surrounding area, you’ve found the customer-service-focused team of highly qualified technicians to repair your air conditioner quickly and correctly.


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Lancaster Air Cooling & Heating has over 15 years of experience and is the HVAC contractor to call in the Irving metro area for central AC repair, heat pump repair, ductless AC repair, and more. We guarantee same-day service because we understand how critical it is to have an air conditioner working again on a hot day. Our technicians are dedicated to providing hassle-free customer service and a positive experience every time.

While many issues can affect today’s air conditioning systems, some are more common than others. The Lancaster Air Cooling & Heating team can get to the bottom of your problem and offer a viable solution, but knowing what the problem is will allow us to provide prompt service.

They do the following: Heating and air conditioning systems keep your car cabin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the winter, the air conditioning system can also be used to operate your defrost system. Heating systems are made up of a heating system core, which functions as a small radiator behind the dash, a fan, and hoses that carry heat from the engine to the core. A/C systems work similarly, by supplying coolant to the fan, which then blows cool air into the cabin. Unlike home heating and cooling systems, your heater and A/C do not entirely rely on electrical components, but rather use the engine’s warmth and cooling abilities to regulate the temperature.

Don’t put your safety and comfort in the hands of an inexperienced HVAC contractor. Call (469) 437-7871 for expert air conditioner Repair service in Lancaster, TX and the surrounding areas!

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